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Brazil Brazil

Medium Roast, low acidity. A delightful nuttiness with a hint of spice!

Price Starting At: $12.00
Dark Brazil Dark Brazil

Dark or French Roast, Nut and Chocolate notes

Price Starting At: $12.00
Burundi Burundi

Dynamic, Bright, Light Roast Coffee, Hints of Grapefruit

Price Starting At: $12.50
Guatemala Huehuetenango Guatemala Huehuetenango

Medium Roast, rich and velvety with notes of Milk Chocolate.

Price Starting At: $12.50
Mexican Mexican

Mexican - Rich creamy body with cocoa notes. Medium Roast

Price Starting At: $12.50
Papua New Papua New

Medium to Dark Roast, Rich and smooth bodied - Vanilla, Caramel, Black Cherry tasting notes

Price Starting At: $12.50
Costa Rica Tarrazu Costa Rica Tarrazu

Light to Medium Roast, High Acidity, Smooth but bright with some citrus notes!

Price Starting At: $13.00
Colombia Sierra Nevada Organic Colombia Sierra Nevada Organic

Light to medium Roast, Brown Sugar, Orange

Price Starting At: $13.00
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Light to Medium Roast. Heavy Blueberry notes.

Price: $13.00
Kenya AA Kenya AA

Light to medium roast, full and creamy body.  Strong bright acidity complimented by citrus, caramel and chocolate notes!

Price Starting At: $13.50